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Reorganization of “lone ranger” healthcare sales professionals into matrix teams.

Result: No more overlapping sales calls, more sales, and greater market share for the company.

New projects in an R&D unit of a manufacturing company resulted in chaos due to staff being either overworked or underworked. We designed a matrix structure with clarified roles.

Result: The capacity of R&D unit to add new projects increased with greater long-term benefit to the company’s bottom line.

A major US city’s economic development office consisted of a grab-bag of programs operated independently. Opportunities for synergy were not being exploited. We facilitated the development of a matrix organization that integrated all of the programs and prompted conscious strategic decisionmaking about key priorities.

Result: Greater benefits from the programs were reaped by the city’s businesses and residents.

A large federal agency which must relate to at least 20 separate Congressional committees was comprised of multiple, specialized scientific units. Common themes were not being pursued effectively on an agency-wide basis. The challenge was to create and implement matrix teams that were focused on particular national goals so that the planning and implementation and evaluation efforts of each unit would harmonize with each other. With our help, considerable resistance was overcome and the agency rolled out goal-centered teams.

Result: The agency was able to satisfy the Congressional committees, the wide spectrum of constituencies, and pursue agency-wide goals.

We provoke and challenge so that your organization achieves its potential. We work with you to set “stretch goals” that stimulate your organization to be its best. Our services have resulted in

  • significant increases in revenue
  • pivotal improvement in customer satisfaction
  • higher productivity leading to increased profitability