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Strategic Futures Staff

Ronald A. Gunn, Managing Director

Ronald A. Gunn

Mr. Gunn is the managing director of Strategic Futures® Consulting Group, Inc. and a specialist in strategic management and human resource development issues. With a quarter-century of diversified experience with federal, state, and local organizations, as well as with private for-profit firms and nonprofit associations, he is equally comfortable in any of these sectors. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, strategic management, customer service, matrix management, mentoring and coaching, best practices research, customer research, team development, organizational analysis, group facilitation, and training development and delivery.

During the past 15 years, he has proposed, sold, managed, and personally performed scores of consulting assignments across the nation. More Info»

Lolita Hickman, Associate

Lolita Hickman

Lolita Hickman is an experienced consultant, trainer, facilitator and change agent who has worked with Strategic Futures for many years. She has assisted private businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. She has delivered numerous mentoring training workshops to the Department of Defense—DFAS as well as training to USDA—FNS. She has created training curriculum and developed products for use in strategic planning. She has facilitated strategic planning sessions for senior management as well as front-line workers and conducted organizational surveys. She has trained hundreds of employees in customer service training. She is versatile, personable and skilled in all facets of consulting and training. More Info»