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Customer Service Training

Revitalize customer satisfaction and loyalty in your business or organization.

Do any of these statements characterize your organization?

  • Our staff is complacent about customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Our workers lack passion for service excellence.
  • Our customers are going to our competitors.
  • Our staff knock themselves out and work hard, yet customer satisfaction is not what it should be.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to contact (link to contact page) Strategic Futures for Customer Service Training and/or consultation.

Our Achieving Excellence in Customer Service training equips employees with skills to deliver exemplary service and manage customer expectations to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We have trained hundreds of line staff, managers, and executives. Clients report customer satisfaction survey results that have shown great improvement.

Strategic Futures designs and delivers training programs that kindle or rekindle a culture of service excellence.

We have a track record of success working with private businesses and with public agencies—receiving stellar ratings by participants even when the training is made mandatory!

Services include:

  • Customer service training to meet your needs and priorities for front line workers and/or managers.
  • Training or consultation on customer service excellence design and implementation for executive teams.
  • Consultation regarding the design and implementation of Customer-Focused Teams with a matrix organization.

Our track record includes:

We delivered customer service training to construction supervisors of new homes who have a key customer service role of accompanying buyers through their newly constructed homes.
Result: Following the training, construction supervisors were more effective in setting customer expectations and delivering services which met or exceeded those expectations.

For a large government agency, we delivered our “Achieving Excellence in Customer Service” training to over 400 internal service managers and top executives in a wide range of occupations including security personnel, law librarians, HR specialists, IT specialists, and financial management specialists. The average ratings for this mandatory training were close to 5 out of a 5-point scale.
Result: Participants reported that they were more confident and capable of satisfying their demanding customers’ needs.