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Customer Service in the Post-Care Bear Era: A Whimsical Epitaph with Clues for a Better Tomorrow

Sifting out the rituals, red tape, and redundancies in the organization relative to customer value is a big part of the process, aye, but we digress: This article is about Customer Service Training in the Post-Care Bear Era, so hang on, here we go!.

To be successful, customer service training needs to focus on the head, heart, and hands of the employee. It needs to be a comprehensive approach. We wouldn’t want to be forced to choose one component over the others. However, if forced (all right put your weapon down you intellectual bully or I’m peeling the saran wrap off this Compton’s Worldwide Encyclopedia volume purchased as a grocery store checkout impulse buy), we’d bet our chips on "heart" as the factor that is too often neglected in customer service improvement strategy and training efforts. If you can’t insulate your team from the burn-out, melt-down, I-don’t-care culture for the hours of the day that they serve your customers, you probably shouldn’t get lost in the masquerade of customer service training. Turn back now if you must. Not only will the masquerade waste your time and money, but you’ll shellack on a few new layers of quiet cynicism in the bad bargain that can’t be removed successfully unless you do a full and complete staff transfusion and you have the stomach to do that, do you?

What’s in it for me? That’s the real question in the employee’s mind that has to be answered before you can get to Go. The envelope please. And the answer is not eligibility for some bonus at the end of the year, at the end of time, or at the end of the rainbow. That may be nice but now that employers and employees can’t care about one another as they once did, and as we even cease to wax nostalgically about the End of Loyalty, many employees work from the homo economicus assumption that they may not be in the company at bonus distribution time and not because the employer fired them but because they fired the employer first! So, Bogus Bonus Buffoonery is not an option. Except for time-challenged towns and cities in the Midwest where you have no right to interfere with their happiness: Don’t tell them what’s happened on either coast, OK?

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