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Customer Service in the Post-Care Bear Era: A Whimsical Epitaph with Clues for a Better Tomorrow

The Ten Personal Power Skills

Research teaches that there are ten Personal Power Skills that relate to form, substance, personality, and action. These skills are a gift from your Firm to each employee. Even if they currently possess the Personal Power Skills, they will get better and stronger with the training. They will improve their ability to:

  1. Manage first impressions.
  2. Display depth of knowledge to build customer confidence.
  3. Display breadth of knowledge to build customer relationships.
  4. Show uncommon versatility in dealing with different personality types.
  5. Call up enthusiasm with a snap of the fingers.
  6. Step up to big-picture thinking.
  7. Show an appropriate sense of humor at the right time. (Don’t say to your customers: You should laugh at your problems, everybody else does!)
  8. Turbo charge your self-esteem.
  9. Take risks.
  10. Call up creativity and apply it to give what the customer wants.

There is the need to equip employees to communicate more effectively with active listening and the use of open as well as closed questions when the time is right. What about ways in which personal power can be used to influence people positively? Tension management is key. Does your employee know how to use the Ring of Fire to insulate against the upset, possibly rageoholic customer? Does your employee know what all complaining customers really want? Or do you think that having this knowledge would take the "sport" out of winning and retaining customers both for the employee and your organization? The ability to manage tension is the Master Skill. Have you given this gift to your employees? This is all part of the correct curriculum—from Strategic Futures®.

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