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Customer Service in the Post-Care Bear Era: A Whimsical Epitaph with Clues for a Better Tomorrow

So think about times that you have received exemplary service. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these skills are the grist of the best customer service you have ever seen anywhere. If there’s rocket science here, it’s to be found in helping your people figure this out and apply these skills in your company!

A quality customer service training curriculum is a necessary but not sufficient condition for training success. And this is where the Heart comes in. It’s about motivation. It’s all about motivation. Bob Dole, we hardly knew ye. By itself, the curriculum delivered by a roll-the-mental-tape trainer is akin to the sound of one hand clapping. The real key is in the delivery. It must reach the audience and this requires that it be entertaining and that it be personal so that it really reaches right into the life of the employee. No, not like illegal nor with untoward behaviors, but with spirited delivery that shows that you care—about each individual.

Remember? This is the way that good teaching once was before the meltdown of education, including the methods and manners that had shown themselves to work effectively over the years. What is good workmanlike quality in training? No, good "workpersonship" quality will not be written here because I insist that my daughters have every possible advantage. (Danger Danger return to main highway immediately and accelerate, brain police sirens approaching. It’s official: I can’t conform adequately.) The instructor must bond with each training participant. A pre-training one-on-one confidential conversation between the instructor and each training participant to discover obstacles to participant learning, whether motivational or substantive is key. What’s it going to take? Where do you want to go and how can this training help you? If you don’t know where you want to go, what would it take to make this training sufficiently engaging so that you will stay conscious and work on these skills?

This is the advance work that needs to be done for each session delivery so that the instructor can really connect with each participant because effective customer service training is about behavioral change and you cannot influence the behavior of anyone if you do not understand their motivation and their mindset. Even if you do have this connection, you know that your odds are less than perfect. You know that this is true, so why would you permit any other approach to be purchased for use in your organization? Some of you remember going through a break-up or a divorce and some of you don’t. You’re not just going through the motions on customer service training, are you?

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