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The Art of Making Sure Your Customers are Happy and Keeping Them That Way

What are the take away messages for you and your organization?

Make certain that your customers are happy. How do your customers perceive the service that they receive from your organization? Do what it takes to find out directly from your customers that they are satisfied with your service. Don’t take somebody else’s word for it. A periodic customer service survey, focus groups are among the ways that you can find out what is really going on.

Having a link for concerns or complaints on the first page of your website is a GREAT way of finding out the truth. It is amazing how many large companies do not have a clearly visible link on their website for a customer to register a complaint! Could it be they don’t want to know?!

Establish customer service standards that everyone from managers to the front line understand and can describe, e.g. The Sunday newspaper should be on the customer’s doorstep by 7 am Sunday—no excuses.

Train your staff how to handle an irate customer. This means sweating the details such as tone of voice; what to offer the customer in what circumstance, whether it be a quick delivery of a replacement newspaper or a gift certificate to a future purchase.

Show your customers you care. Overall, impart to each person within your organization that it is their job to make each interaction with a customer, a positive one—a Moment of Magic.

Their jobs and your business depend on it!

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