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Cross-Functional Customer Care Teams and the Service Revolution

The alignment of cross-functional service delivery with customer expectations for seamless service provides a platform for results-based partnering with the customer and for cross-selling, upselling, and other market breakthroughs. It provides a solid foundation for cross-functional organizational learning where the needs and preferences of customers can be better anticipated on a holistic basis as well as a functional one. It also provides a foundation for neutralizing or averting customer irritants before they occur.

When cross-functional Customer Care Teams are cobbled into a matrix, significant opportunities are presented for improvements in customer focus as well as:

  • Speed
  • Managing Complexity
  • Creativity
  • Organizational Learning

Customers are wholly uninterested in learning about your firm’s organizational boundaries, let alone attempting to manage your jurisdictional disputes in order to attain their satisfaction. Cross-Functional Customer Care Teams that have been built with solid matrix management scaffolding can separate your enterprise from the competition by assuming responsibility for service management that is either ignore or evaded by the many organizations that have not joined the Service Revolution.

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