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Five Not-So-Easy Pieces of Matrix Management

Staff need help understanding that a matrix assignment is an integrated blend of the horizontal and the vertical rather than an arrangement where I do x% of my time for this boss and y% of my time for that boss. A matrix assignment is more akin to carrying two portfolios at once rather than a condition of just adding another boss to the mix. A matrix assignment at the "interface" of the vertical and the horizontal permits the staff member to bring the service provider perspective to the Business Unit and the Business Unit perspective to the service provider, and in doing so ensure that the objectives of both are achieved. This presumes greater independence and savvy on the part of the service provider staff member — this independence cannot be assumed, it must be trained, coached, and nurtured into maturity. In addition, the traditional vertical command structure must bend somewhat if "upward delegation" is to be reduced and if matters, including "small p" politics are to get handled at the lowest possible staff level so that organizational learning, speed, agility, and close-to-the-problem creativity can be stimulated.

The Nature and Meaning of Life in the Matrix

Management and staff alike need to understand that moving to matrix solutions will take a while to sort out; instant perfection is not available. Management and staff should be mindful that the negotiation and implementation of new role relationships is not easy; it goes through stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing. They need to understand the importance of disagreeing without being disagreeable. There will be a bit of turbulence and confusion in the beginning and that is natural; the absence of some turbulence and confusion in the beginning suggests that the matrix is not really being implemented. People need to take these matters seriously while avoiding taking them personally.

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