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Five Not-So-Easy Pieces of Matrix Management

4. Improve response capability of personnel assigned to the matrix

A variety of on-the-job and other training approaches are needed to ensure that adequate staff capabilities are available to the emerging matrix organization. This is critical to partner satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of both management and staff. Heightened response capability is the key to harmonious and successful functioning of the matrix. Clear roles and efficient mechanisms for setting priorities and allocating resources are necessary but not sufficient conditions for matrix success. To get to sufficiency, staff must know how to function effectively in a matrix environment. They must, of course, also possess key skill-sets. By way of effectively functioning in a matrix environment, several brief training offerings are recommended:

  • Life in the Matrix: Roles, Accountability, Dueling Priorities, Human Relations
  • Persuasion and Negotiation Skills
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Service Excellence Skills

Training for management is recommended in these topics, at minimum:

  • How to prioritize and allocate scarce resources collaboratively
  • Individual Development Planning to develop matrixed staff in both business and technical service provision so that they can compete effectively for succession and promotional opportunities.

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