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The Sufferings of Flawed Organizational Design

At Strategic Futures® , we have long argued that matrix management is not for everyone. We don’t believe that "one size fits all." We believe that an organizational design should be tailor-fitted to the unique enterprise. Finally, we also believe that matrix management is for the hard-driving, high-producing organization, which is willing to institute disciplined, methodical change.

It has long been our marketing strategy to be here as a consulting and training resource for clients. These clients have concluded independently that matrix management is right for them and have sought assistance in implementing or enhancing matrix performance. That’s why we continue to enrich our website with new articles for thought leaders like you to use as a resource, despite the fact that competing consultants refer to this website for their work. We accept this double-edged reality and it’s OK because what matters more is the establishment of our matrix management consulting bona fides. More importantly, we have refrained deliberately from attempting to "sell" anyone on moving towards a matrix organization. We think such selling is unseemly, as well as a monumental waste of time and effort: People need to sense on their own that they are standing on a "burning platform," before they will conclude that change is absolutely necessary. That’s where Strategic Futures comes in.

So that’s our plan and we’re sticking with it. However, with that said, we are compelled to remark on what we observe so often in so many industries in both the US and Europe—employees working their guts out but doing so in straitjackets borne of flawed and obsolete organizational designs. We are too often witnesses to frustration and pain. The good news is that we are summoned frequently to help fix that which needs to be fixed and we relish the opportunity to be part of the solution.

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