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The Sufferings of Flawed Organizational Design

Yes, implementing a successful matrix organization requires diligent effort, but please consider this: It is doubtless less difficultthan being smothered by a structure that no longer works—a structure that is more smoke than fire—more engine speed than ground speed.

Designing and implementing a successful matrix organization offers significant rewards, achieved through changes in structure that prompt changes in behavior by all members of the organizational family. It’s real change—the genuine article—and we won’t pretend that it isn’t. That’s why "drive-by reorganizations™" don’t take, and why ready-fire-aim approaches result in needless and unwanted casualties.

But remember, matrix management is not a silver bullet for all ills. However, if flawed organizational design is the correct diagnosis, the move to a matrix organization might be an important part of the solution.

While matrix management is not the right answer for every company, when it is, we’re here to help. Call us in early to consult with you during the design and planning phase and you’ll be glad you did. You can prevent needless suffering in the future and move away from the frustrations of the past when caused by an organizational design that has simply outlived its usefulness.

For more information on designing and/or implementing your high-performance matrix organization, please contact us.

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