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Another Look at Matrix Management: Integrated Selling For More Value

By Ronald A. Gunn, Strategic Futures principal

Some Benefits of Integrated Selling…

  • Increased gross revenue and profitability
  • Increased focus on customers rather than focus on existing products/services
  • Synergy among products and services that increase market and wallet share
  • Minimize sales force working at cross-purposes
  • Minimize sales clumsiness, duplication, expenses, and opportunity costs
  • And more…

Integrated selling.

Cross-selling collaboration.

Getting to a bigger bundle of value that both satisfies and anticipates the customer’s needs.

Avoiding the clumsiness, real cost, and opportunity cost of one sales representative from your company visiting a customer for Product A on Tuesday and another sales representative showing up on Thursday for Product B.

For the feet on the street, integrated selling may mean selling a product/service that is outside an individual’s comfort zone. Top management wants to do it, but it can be tough for the sales representative to get beyond good intentions and into the genuine “letting go” of past habits and beliefs that is needed to make it happen. It means trusting others from your company whom you may not know well, if at all—as you move to team-based selling. It means opening doors for product/service sets that are just plain foreign. It means seeing new possibilities beyond that which is warm and familiar.

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