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Matrix Management: Method, Not Magic

With this description of the matrix organization and three essentials for making it work, this article draws to a close. Yes, there are other operational definitions and examples of how the matrix works. Of course, there are other essentials, but you don’t really expect to get much more for free do you? Do you work for free? You are also not going to get a "school solution" to Peter’s Matrix Dilemma, introduced earlier. However, free of charge, you get the following closing paragraph:

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride: The matrix cannot be "wished" into place. Drive-by management won’t make it happen either. Tantrums, stomping, and two-bit power plays, while entertaining, don’t make it happen. The hard work of defining and negotiating how this structure should work simply cannot be avoided. Then and only then can the tedious-at-first process of learning how to derive matrix management’s powerful benefits be pursued with lasting success. Strategic Futures® can help with the heavy lifting. Call us if you’re serious. Call a big, bloated, paint-by-numbers outfit with plenty of hour-churning juniors if you are not serious; they will roll you with a smile, belching out a spiral-bound report that takes you nowhere slowly.


Please note that Ron Gunn’s book, Matrix Management Success: Method Not Magic," is available in print or as an e-book.



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