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Choose the Type of Matrix Your Company Needs: One Size Matrix Does Not Fit All!

Below is a continuum that ranges from the strategic to the tactical that you can use in thinking about matrix purpose and scope. Each anchor on this continuum represents a place where you can start or stop the design of a matrix organization to fit your needs.

Planning and

Planning and Budgeting. For instance, an enterprise that is interested in promoting a one-organization concept centered on carefully defined crosscutting goals may prefer the Planning and Budgeting model where cross-disciplinary teams are formed and deployed for purposes of strategic and annual planning and budgeting. The intention here is to ensure that each function’s objectives, activities, and budgets have been aligned and harmonized with your organization’s core goals, concentrating the use of resources to achieve synergistic benefits and minimizing the amount of function-centric “freelancing” that adds little or no value to your enterprise.

Priority Setting. Beyond higher-order planning and budgeting, a related but more invasive and granular approach implements a matrix governance overlay. This will ensure that priorities set throughout the organization are harmonious and complementary rather than contradictory or mutually neutralizing. As with all design choices, this matrix organization option has implications for cross-functional team charters and for the resultant roles and responsibilities of leaders and key individuals.

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