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Prescription for the “Dual-Hatted Role” in the Matrix Organization: Aggressive Training & Coaching

Use of the dual-hatted role should be the rare exception rather than the rule. Any exceptions granted should require thorough justification. The dual-hatted role should be time-bound, meaning that it is permitted for a brief, defined period, and no longer. In those instances where the dual-hatted role is approved temporarily, it should be with the provision that another individual will be cultivated to assume one of the two roles…

…unless we are talking about a short-term project or some truly extraordinary financial or geographic constraint, or

… unless the vertical discipline specialty involved is so rare and idiosyncratic that it would be folly to invest in developing benchstrength in that functional area because it’s a “one-trick pony.”

The bottom line is that aggressive training and coaching are indicated to build the talent bank so that the dual-hatted role is no longer needed.

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