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Prescription for the “Dual-Hatted Role” in the Matrix Organization: Aggressive Training & Coaching

The dual-hatted role can too quickly degenerate into a proposition whereby some individuals are granted special license to “live” by the roles and rules of the pre-matrix organization—to some extent exempted from the matrix proposition of “pursuing shared objectives using shared resources.” If such arrangements are permitted or even encouraged on an unbridled basis, you can bet real money that the impetus to get designated as a dual-hatted player will snowball and before you know it, you’ll have more and more people clamoring to return to the comfortable roles and patterns of the past, traveling under the canopy of the dual-hatted role. When this happens on a widespread basis, you are left asking the unfortunate question: “When is a matrix not a matrix?”

In conclusion, the dual-hatted role is to be avoided. However, avoiding it can often be easier said than done. Strategies and tactics for making it unnecessary and for achieving the constructive tension that the matrix organization can and should provide is our specialty. We can help. For more information, please contact us.

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