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The “M” Word: Why To Some It IS A “Four-Letter” Word

Let’s address #3 first: Organization is not ready. We concur that some organizations are, in fact, unable to manage successfully the change that is involved with matrix management. On a handful of occasions, we have advised as follows: “Your organization is not ready to pursue shared objectives using shared resources and here’s why: …” Indeed, if a sharp-witted executive has concluded that the company is simply not ready for matrix management, s/he may be right! It may also be the case that the expected benefits of cross-functional synergy would not be sufficient to warrant the investment in standing up a matrix organization. We don’t dispute that possibility either. We respect our clients and believe that a consultant who will fly in/fly over and then pretend to know better than folks who work within a culture day in and day out would be doing just that…pretending! On the other hand, our Matrix Readiness Self-Assessment Tool is recommended as one way of getting closer to a fact-based appraisal of readiness. You can find the tool in my book, Matrix Management Success: Method, Not Magic (Infinity Publishing, 2007). Here’s the positive news: You may be more ready than you think. Remember Voltaire’s maxim: The perfect is the enemy of the good!

And what about #1?: Lack of knowledge/confidence. What about a lack of complete confidence in one’s knowledge concerning what matrix management entails? Is there a hole in your understanding? Strategic Futures© can fix that! Our one- or two-day Matrix Immersion Training leaves you equipped with the concepts, principles, and tools that you will need to design and implement an effective matrix organization.

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