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The “M” Word: Why To Some It IS A “Four-Letter” Word

In reference to #2, “Adverse experiences with ‘M’,” less-than-thrilling experiences with matrix management can’t be erased from someone’s memory. We’ve worked with many pharmaceutical companies but we are not licensed to dispense psychotropic drugs! If someone has been involved with a poorly designed or implemented matrix organization, it’s tough to get rid of the bad taste. There are avoidable pitfalls to which we alert our clients. The good news is that there are ways to inoculate against these pitfalls. If you are already experiencing some difficulty, we can tow you out of the ditch. That’s why we’re here.

There are realities that are faced commonly when an organization implements matrix management. While we sell training and advice, we believe that you have to give a little to get a little and thus we consciously give away more information than most of our competitors are capable of selling. We offer the following valuable information for your reflection as the premier, authoritative website dispensing news you can use about matrix management:

  1. The “J Curve.” There is a performance curve that comes with implementing change and when you graph it, it resembles a “J” because the curve points downward before it turns upward. In the vernacular, the J Curve means that “things often get worse (briefly) before they get better” as you work your way through learning and change. This process permits you to derive substantial benefits including transformation of a traditional hierarchy into a fast and agile matrixed enterprise. If you don’t understand the J Curve, you may turn around and rush back to shore, rather than taking the complete voyage on the seas of change. So much for sailing!
  2. Uneven implementation. Implementation must be managed well. Even when change is well-managed and even when a burning platform is providing fierce urgency for change, humans will be humans. Implementation of anything tends to be uneven or spotty. Some teams and/or functions catch fire quickly. Yet other teams and/or functions struggle for a time. There is a host of reasons why this can be true. The good news is that there is a battery of cures appropriate to the cause.
  3. Uneven competency in executing new roles. Role clarity is one of Strategic Futures’ “matrix success factors.” However, even with the benefit of strong role clarity, some individuals may face a steeper learning curve than others. Without conscious and deliberate assistance to individuals in scaling that learning curve, you’d best not count on magic.

If there is an embargo on use of the “M word” in your organization, then, goodness gracious, we’re not encouraging you to exercise free speech and violate company policy! Strategic Futures® is here to help, not harm! However, we encourage you to investigate discreetly the reasons behind the prohibition. The results of your investigation can lead to interesting places and possibilities, even growth, for your organization as well as for yourself.

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