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Customer-Focused Teams Coming Apart at the Seams: Towards the Coherent Matrix Organization

Customer-centered and customer-responsiveness, as with anything, can be overdone. Customer service means service, not servitude. Customer responsiveness is about response, not the erasure of your corporate identity. Managing customer perceptions to achieve satisfaction does not obviate setting expectations with the customer and showing your customer how to achieve extraordinary results from use of your services and products. Complete blurring of a Customer-Focused Team into a mere extension of the customer’s staffing erases the present and future advantages of corporate coherency and thwarts the benefits that a well-designed and well-managed matrix organization should bring.

Customer-Focused Teams: This is an idea whose time has come, but implementation of the concept must be accomplished with care and precision. Customer-Focused Teams need to be integrated into the corporate fabric, into the fabric of the Corporate Way so that tailoring to the customer becomes a variation on a theme, rather than a separate theme altogether. Absent adequate vertical definition in your matrix, Customer-Focused Teams can burst your first-rate company. There are sustainable, healthy alternatives that matrix management can provide if you rebalance the horizontal and vertical to avoid coming apart at the seams.

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