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Proposal Mayhem: A Vituperative Diatribe Against Delayed Reality

by Ronald A. Gunn, Strategic Futures principal

His mind started to drift: "Who would name their child Crispin anyway?" he thought. Sick! Sick! Hey! Hey! He angrily slapped the side of his own head, reminding himself that he was at work and that his personal metatalk needs to be shut off until the sun goes down again, bringing that sick solitude he calls a personal life. Having a personal life. There’s something to really feel guilty about. He laughed out loud, nervously, then caught himself and looked around sheepishly. Good, no one saw that. OK, now I’m rebalanced. Exhale deeply. Focus back on work.

This new sales support job helping with proposals may not work out for long. Maybe I should start looking now. The madness around here is turning into mayhem. Which is better, madness or mayhem? So many questions. This place is causing my mind to hemorrhage thoughts from one compartment of my cranium into other compartments. I hate the sloshing around of poorly formed ideas. I really do. Honest.

Maybe my life is starting to mirror this company’s whole proposal scene. Yes, that’s it. After all, the problems of this company seem to get expressed when it’s crunch time and we need to get a proposal out quickly. Put just a little pressure on this pop-stand—like a time-sensitive proposal, for instance—and snakes start coming out of the freaking walls. You can see the fissures, the weaknesses of this company real fast. It morphs into a horror movie.

I really wish that I could tell people what I’m seeing, but honesty around here would shake things up and spoil the party. On the other hand, I’m beginning to get more frightened about what’s going to happen if things don’t start getting better fast.

Perhaps several pregnant questions can be posed in a constructive way. I’ll need to retain my composure. Pretend not to care. Be an on-the-payroll voyeur. Like Dilbert. Waste a few years maybe. Play the fool. And, if any of these questions capture the attention of this company, then maybe I’ll have an opportunity to suggest some possible answers. If someone asks, I mean… If they don’t ask, then we’ll just participate in a masquerade party where we are pretending to sell things but we’re really just going through the motions. Delay reality. Isn’t that what the 90s were about until the Big Event came to Santa Monica? Until the Asian Flu epidemic broke out… How would these questions be answered in your company?

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