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Proposal Mayhem: A Vituperative Diatribe Against Delayed Reality

5. Is there someone who is enforcing the proposal development timeline?

Or, are we going to play Groupthink Gridlock where everyone-is-in-charge and no-one-is-in- charge, but see we’re all working as a flattened team and everything will be right in the end because it’s so modern isn’t it and it works real well unless you really need to bring in some revenue and then it gets to be a problem because the sandbox doesn’t really have that great a profit margin does it? Maybe the ideas are getting as flat as the team but it wouldn’t be right to say that… Or, would it? Crispin resents Dilbert’s success because Dilbert wouldn’t be anything without an abundance of foggy minds that can escape accountability. Dillie-Boy is banking on it, and it’s too cute by half.

Sometimes people want to put something into the proposal at the last minute which introduces more room for potential error and confusion than it contributes to added value and a strengthened selling proposition. Someone needs to have the authority to say "No, if we had more time we might entertain this content, but it is too late in the process to include it. I’m not going to slow down the circuits to install a low-wattage bulb because it just doesn’t add enough illumination."

Or, "I want you to get Mr. Hollywood on the flippin’ phone right now because he said that his first draft would be here 24 hours ago and it isn’t. We’re going to burn his tights until he screams for mercy. We are not going to abandon the whole flock to chase him around. These deadlines are as serious as a heart attack." You know what serious is, don’t you Crispin? But you are so alone. The others don’t seem to understand.

6. How are we ensuring that these proposals are clear and understandable, containing information that matters to the customer, rather than to one of our people?

Please reread No. 1. And, please ensure that your proposals don’t contain redundancies because you can offend your reader. On the other hand, always assume a lazy reader and you will be right more often than you are wrong. Do you know stylistic and formatting tricks for engaging the lazy reader? Do you know how to help the lazy reader reach the conclusion that you want him or her to reach and to feel secure in the ability to defend this conclusion? Strategic Futures® can teach them to you and then you will be better than your competitors… at least when it comes to proposals.

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