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Proposal Mayhem: A Vituperative Diatribe Against Delayed Reality

9. Is our strategy for selling our product/service clear, shared by everyone? If we are competing on the basis of superior technology, does everyone understand that? If we are competing on the basis of superior knowledge of the customer’s market niche, are we clear about that? If we are competing on the basis of price, does everyone have that straight? If we are not in corporate agreement about these and other issues of selling strategy, are we going to get these matters ironed out, or shall we just play a game of peek-a-boo and peek-a-see, while going through deferential motions with Mr. Big?

One sees it regularly. Lacking guts, interest, or both, no one really asks the direct questions about what benefits we are selling to whom, why, and using what strategic positioning? And so, when the proposal is written, this disagreement, or unmanaged agreement, or complete confusion is handled by finding out what the Cult of Personality wants this week and then we get into the politics of being in-the-know about what Mr. Big prefers on Tuesday morning. But, guess what, Mr. Big wants sales more than he wants clever and cute hallway politics. So does Ms. Importante. All of this dysfunctionality finds true manic expression when the Proposal Crunch is going down. See also the question about thinking before we write.

I’ve given you some "cyber-free" and I hope you had some fun. Maybe put this on Ms. Importante’s desk anonymously. She might laugh. Mr. Big might laugh so hard that he hurts himself while he helps the company grow more prosperous.

Anyway, you’ll need to pay me if you want to learn more about >Writing an Effective and Winning Proposal. If you pay our standard rates, we promise to remove all sarcastic humor from our products and services. If you pay our premium rates, we will leave the humor in.

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