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The Coming Crisis in Association Member Participation

Yet another aspect of association participation arises from a mix of concerns, related to both inclination and ability factors, as well as the association environment itself. Many association marketspaces are somewhat crowded, meaning that a plethora of specialized associations abounds; any given member is not just a member of your association, s/he is often a member of multiple associations in what is essentially the same industry. The upshot? A smorgasbord of organizations is competing for arguably shrinking amounts of time allocated and/or available to members for active participation.

To the extent that you believe this scenario applies to your association, you should be preparing for these developments now—if you haven’t already done so. There are significant implications for strategic planning, dues structure, the correct balance between compensated staff and volunteer member effort, committee structure, succession planning and mentoring, joint ventures among associations, and the list goes on.

If active member participation is a cornerstone of your association’s success, we offer a range of services to analyze this issue as it applies to you. We then work with you to formulate a comprehensive strategy for creating a tomorrow in which your organization will continue to thrive. If you believe that your association should confront this impending challenge in association member participation before it becomes a crisis, Strategic Futures wants to help you forge creative solutions.

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