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An Organization That Doesn’t Plan Its Future Isn’t Likely to Have One

What are the benefits of strategic planning? A thoughtful strategic plan, based on rich input from customers, employees, and other stakeholders will enable an organization to:

  • Establish priorities. Define in measurable and objective terms what is most important and needs to be achieved by the agency and its programs.
  • Do proactive problem-solving. Anticipate problems and take positive steps to eliminate them.
  • Develop commitment to common purpose. Build orientation and commitment to a common purpose among members of the organization’s management team.
  • Set organization direction. Chart a clear direction and furnish "marching orders" for the organization and its employees to follow.
  • Set the stage for effective decision-making. Ensure consistency in decision-making and allocate resources most effectively in areas such as staff, equipment, facilities, product/service changes, systems, etc.
  • Keep management "light on their feet." Provide a management framework which can be used to facilitate quick response to changed conditions, unplanned events, and deviations from plans.

If strategic planning sounds like something your organization should do, then please read on, but remember that something worth doing is worth doing well!

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