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Matrix Training and Consultation

Matrix Management Success Training Trainer's Resource Guide

Trainers in our Train-the-Trainer program receive a Trainer’s Resource Guide
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Get your key people on the same page when it comes to matrix management. Strategic Futures® offers training and consultation on matrix management implementation at your site.

Matrix Immersion Training: One-Day or Two-Day Program for Management and Staff

Our two-day program supercharges your matrix implementation and/or refinement efforts. Our one-day Matrix Immersion Training jump-starts your matrix organization with healthy concepts, skills, and shirt-sleeve work process planning and role clarification. Contact us for details.

Goal: To equip your company’s leadership with the tools and techniques needed for successful implementation of matrix organization and management.

Objectives: As a result of this seminar, you will be better able to:

  • Define an effective matrix organization in terms of desired success factors, evolutionary stages of development, and self-appraisal metrics
  • Identify issues and potential pitfalls that must be managed to avert implementation problems
  • Use tools and techniques to clarify resonsibility and authority, resolve differences, and correct ambiguity.

Learning Benefits:

  • Realistic, drawing upon on-the-ground examples from your company and elsewhere
  • Stimulating, presented with the needs of the adult learner in mind
  • Fast-paced, providing ample opportunity for learner participation
  • Practical, affording "back-home" tools and strategies

Additional detail concerning learning content and objectives is available upon request. Please contact Strategic Futures® to discuss your priorities.

Train-the-Trainer w/Product Licensing

Train-the-Trainer is a tailored program for your organization that trains your internal staff to deliver Strategic Futures’ tested and proprietary Matrix Management Success Training program. Each trainer receives the Trainer’s Resource Guide. Fees include training and product licensing.

On-Site Matrix Management Consultation

On a consultative basis, we:

  • Assist you in designing your matrix organization
  • Analyze your current matrix organization and provide you with recommendations for improvement
  • Facilitate role clarification sessions and role-based process mapping
  • Conduct employee focus groups and report findings and make recommendations
  • Facilitate implementation planning retreats
  • Coach managers and executives

and much, much more! Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs.

Matrix Management Phone Consultation

It can be lonely at the top and, for that matter, in the middle as well.

A simple phone brings you premium consultation, with feedback and advice from the recognized matrix management expert Ron Gunn, without a lot of entanglement. Ron Gunn provides telephone consultation to executives and managers by appointment.

We bring our lessons learned from working successfully with more than 50 matrix organizations. We have trained and consulted to thousands, both domestically and internationally. Over 150,000 people access our website each year for our articles, blogs, and other resources. Contact us today for more information.

Minimum 1/2 hour, charged in half-hour increments. Your corporate or personal credit card will be billed at the rate of $150 per half hour with the receipt emailed to you.

Go-to-Meeting Online can be used for a one-on-one webinar, if you desire additional support. (Please note: Go-to-Meeting audio connection may involve long distance charges if you do not have a USB-compatible headset.)