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Do-It-Yourself Customer Service Training

DIY Customer Service

You can’t afford to lose customers!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: Competition for customers has never been tougher than it is today. In addition, the high costs associated with acquiring new customers makes the retention of your existing customers more critical than ever.

High levels of customer satisfaction can rarely be achieved without training the employees who serve the customer—whether they serve them directly, indirectly, or both.

We’ve delivered our Achieving Excellence in Customer Service training program to thousands of participants from coast-to-coast. We have trained residential construction managers, personnel who specialize in pharmaceutical fluid delivery systems, law librarians, IT specialists and more. Our program has been tested with a wide spectrum of service occupations in both the private and public sectors and participant feedback says it works!

Who is it for?

  • Any organization which must ensure that employees offer excellent customer services will benefit from this training.
  • For-profit and non-profit service organizations in any industry
  • Business-to-Business sales and service
  • Government agencies providing service directly to the public
  • Organizational units that provide internal service, e.g., IT, HR, Finance, etc.

How do you use it?

You or a designated trainer can use the Trainer’s Guide and slides to deliver one-day programs to your emails or you can break up the training into shorter modules that work for your organization’s schedule and workload.

What do you get?

A 33-page completely-scripted Trainer’s Guide in PDF format and a PowerPoint presentation with 81 slides which also serves as the basis for a Participant’s Reference Manual in hard copy. Both files will be emailed to you within 24 hours (business days only) following payment via PayPal. In addition, you can call Strategic Futures for no-cost consultation to help you customize your training effort.

Excerpt from the Trainer’s Guide

The Trainer’s Guide has slide-by-slide recommendations for the Trainer. For example…


Suggested Narrative: We’ve all heard of the “golden rule.” The “golden rule” works great when the other person, the customer, shares the same perspective that you do. It may not work so well if the customer has preferences that are different from your own.

For instance, a waiter may assume that the customer wants to linger after her meal prior to presentation of the check. Why? Because that’s the way the waiter likes to dine. However, if our customer is a business traveler who is dining solo on her trip and has work to do back in her hotel room, she wants that check presented promptly at the conclusion of the meal. In this case, following the golden rule will lead to customer irritation. That’s why we have the Platinum Rule.

$495 Special Introductory Price (price will not stay this low for long!)

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