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High-Intellect Executive Missteps: Real Life Examples & How to Avoid Them

High-Intellect Executive Missteps

The 6400 words in this booklet can help senior executives avoid organizational missteps on their way to becoming smarter leaders!

Don’t confuse what’s going on in your brain with reality. The purpose of this booklet is to remind all of us fallible human beings that so many things that work exquisitely in our heads don’t work worth a damn in the hallway and on the street. The amazing thing is the high intellect, education, and motivation of the folks who get caught up in believing that certain management approaches should work. The difference between whether they actually work and whether they should work is the catch—and a big catch it is. This small volume is intended to help high-intellect executives overcome their strengths and avoid ten all-too-common mistakes.

Every section of the booklet is followed by “Negative Impacts” (to the organization) and “Try This Instead” sections to explain the benefits and hazards of the concept being presented.

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