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Matrix Management Secrets: Proven Practices for Producing Positive Results

Matrix Management Secrets: Proven Practices for Producing Positive Results

The sequel to Matrix Management Success by Ron Gunn

“In Matrix Management Success, Ron Gunn gave us the fundamentals. Matrix Management Secrets delivers the ‘advanced course,’ taking us to deeper appreciation of role clarity, performance metrics, courageous leadership and more. If you want clear guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls and build positive practices, this is it. Matrix Management Secrets is a vital read for any leader serious about harvesting the full power of matrix management and contributing synergistically to a shared-fate culture.”

John D. Czaban, Ph.D.
Director, R&D Assay Development
Abbott Point of Care, Ottawa

See an excerpt from the book:

There are matrix organizations where the staff believes that they are undervalued. In instances where they are matrixed out to one or several teams, they may come to believe that management views all staff as indistinguishable, e.g., “one’s as good as another.”

I’ve conducted focus groups with employees in such circumstances, and rather than having a sense of being valuable talent in a matrix organization, staff perceive themselves to be working for a large temp agency. This isn’t good for the employee or the organization.

In the classic matrix structure, vertical leaders are responsible for cultivating and managing talent. This means tending to their training and career development. It means serving as an advocate for the employee and more. To the extent the vertical/discipline leader deploys talent to a horizontal team for long periods of time, or even indefinite periods, the matrixed staff member may become disconnected from the home vertical discipline unless the vertical leader ensures strong connection with the matrixed staff.

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