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Matrix Management Success: Method Not Magic

Matrix Management Success: Method Not Magic

A Book by Ron Gunn

As a complement to our matrix management booklets, Matrix Management Success: Method Not Magic is a comprehensive review of matrix management in one quick, easy-to-read volume. Matrix Management Success is 161 pages of valuable information that spells out the design of the matrix organization and discusses implementation strategies and reviews common pitfalls and ways to overcome them. Real life examples in the business and government sectors are included.

  • CEOs and Senior Executives
  • HR and OD Managers and Consultants
  • Middle Managers
  • Business School Students
  • Anyone interested in really understanding what "matrix management" is all about.

See an excerpt from the book:

The Importance of Role Clarity in a Matrix Organization

The importance of role clarity cannot be overstated. Conceptualizing the matrix organization is easier than implementing it. Too many executives assume that managers and staff will magically know what to do as the matrix management approach is adopted. Too many executives use a “drive-by reorganization” approach to lay out a diagram, a few concepts, and answer a few employee questions. You can’t “will” the matrix into place. It takes new understandings and deliberate efforts.

What am I supposed to do differently? That’s the question that the employees want answered whenever there is an organizational change. You can safely predict that most employees will find matrix management a bit bewildering at first. They need help understanding what it is, how it works, and what’s in it for them.

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