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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Resources

An Organization That Doesn’t Plan Its Future Isn’t Likely to Have One, by Ron Gunn; an overview of strategic planning

The Coming Crisis in Association Member Participation, by Ron Gunn; covers strategic planning implications for associations

It’s Time to Fire Dilbert: Toward Dynamic Strategic Alignment, by Ron Gunn; about true organizational alignment

See how strategic planning can help your organization with our strategic planning self-assessment questionnaires:

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Associations Questionnaire

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Strategic Futures® facilitates strategic planning for businesses, non-profits, associations, and government agencies.

You can’t do it all yourself: You can’t structure and facilitate strategic plan development and participate fully in the process all at the same time! Enter Strategic Futures® with step-by-step strategic planning assistance that leads to real change—and more productive and effective organizations and which allows you to participate fully.

Our strategic planning services serve as a catalyst for significant increases in revenue and customer satisfaction and more productive organizations.

We structure and facilitate your planning process to help you and your colleagues create a vision for change. We provide provocation and challenge to make certain the organization achieves its potential. We help set “stretch goals” that challenge your organization to be its best. We guide your team to make key decisions about your organization’s future that translates into real work and real transformation. As you prefer, we document the strategic planning process and deliver your strategic plan within days of your planning retreat. Services include:

  • Facilitating planning meetings for government, nonprofits, associations and businesses
  • Documenting your Strategic Plan
  • Team training in strategic planning

Our track record includes:

A multi-million dollar manufacturing and services organization with a benevolent purpose had long relied upon favored status to obtain orders and service contracts. However, about ten years ago, there were significant changes in customer purchasing practices along with a deterioration of the favored status that the organization had once enjoyed. The challenge was to move from what had been a production-dominated focus to a marketing-dominated focus. Significant changes in strategy, systems, structure and staffing would be required to succeed in the changed business environment. A strategic plan was developed to engineer the shift. Annual operational plans were developed to implement the strategic plan. Each year’s operational plan was reviewed in detail to ensure accomplishment of all objectives and then a plan for the next year was crafted so that consistent progress could be achieved. The client worked the plan. Strategic Futures helped plan the work.
Result: Despite the challenges presented by the changed business climate, the client grew the business to unprecedented levels of revenue and margin, permitting it to introduce new services consistent with its benevolent mission.

A State professional association was losing members. In addition, it was having a difficult time recruiting new members due to changing demographics and other considerations. The profession that had long been dominated by white males. Now, new graduates were more likely to be Asian women. The new prospects were not necessarily “joiners,” and, what’s more, they often had maternal responsibilities which complicated meeting attendance. Also, the draw of association membership was no longer what it once had been. Bundles of products and services for members no longer had the value due to end-user access to Internet-based alternatives.
Result: We helped the association develop a bold new strategic plan to deal with it.

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Organizations benefiting from Strategic Futures’ Strategic Planning services

Many organizations and companies have chosen Strategic Futures to be their strategic planning guide, including:

US Department of Commerce/National Telecommunications Information Administration

US Department of Commerce/Office of the Inspector General

US Department of Treasury/Office of Thrift Supervision

Envision, Inc.

Herman Miller Office Pavilion

US Department of State

ForSight (formerly York County Blind Center)

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

Pennsylvania Optometric Association

American Speech Hearing Language Association

National Industries for the Blind

National Association of Employment Programs for the Blind

Pennsylvania Association for the Blind