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Smart organizations plan today for tomorrow’s workforce realities.

Here are the facts: The workforce is aging. More than half the federal government workforce, as an example, is eligible for retirement. In the next five years, 40-65% of the US public and private workforce will be ready to retire. Once they retire, they will be off the payroll and the benefits of their institutional insight and wisdom will be lost to the next generation of leadership. When it comes to workforce planning and mentoring, the strategic future is now!

The breathtaking speed of modern commerce is stretching the workforce to its limits. Human capital executives and managers need a thoughtful and methodical approach to develop employee skills and futurity.

Whether you are a leader in a government agency, business, or a nonprofit organization, Strategic Futures can help you design and/or implement a structured, well-managed workplace mentoring program that builds the skills and culture needed to integrate new employees while achieving and cultivating the highest-and-best use of current employees’ aptitudes and talents. With our consulting and training, we can save you money and boost your human capital investment several fold.

We work with you to stand up rapidly an effective workplace mentoring program that accelerates the professional growth of new and existing employees. We help you train both mentors and protégés in how to make the most of their mentoring experience. We have trained several thousand people, providing them with the skills that they need to ensure that mentoring results in powerful benefits.

We offer two options: You can hire us to train your mentors or you can hire us to train you and your colleagues to train your mentors.

Option 1: We Train Your Mentors

We come to your site and our expert delivers a one-day training program for mentors on “Effective Mentoring.” More info»

Option 2: We Train You to Train Your Mentors: Turnkey Workplace Mentoring

We have expanded our focus on the basis of client requests and the economy to include training client organizations to become self-sufficient in grooming and expanding their cadre of mentors. More info»

Our track record includes:

Since 2002, we’ve worked with a 14,000-employee government agency, designing and implementing mentoring, training more than 2500 of the agency’s employees in how to do quality mentoring.
Result: The average rating by participants for our training always exceeds 4.25 on a 5-point scale.

We worked with the administration of a Southern California city to institute a mentoring program.
Result: This award-winning program is thriving.