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DoD Mentoring Program

Strategic Futures® Mentoring Training has provided mentoring training to 2000+ U.S. Department of Defense employees in twenty-five US cities and in Japan and Germany. Our first one-day program builds skills necessary to develop a rich mentoring relationship. Our second one-day program builds skills for mentors to use in guiding rather than controlling mentees.

Under the leadership of a top agency executive who champions the effort for 14,000 employees, our client has now committed to doubling the number of mentoring relationships in the coming year. And, after two years of program development and staff training, the mentoring program is already showing results. A recent independent study conducted revealed exciting results from this program.

Benefits reported by Mentors included:

  • Increased understanding associated with viewing the organization from different perspectives and through gaining new insights into the talent in the workforce
  • Increased growth on the part of Mentors themselves, e.g., through reevaluating personal goals, sharpening skills, forcing the initiation of new relationships to benefit their mentee(s), etc.
  • Increased morale on the job, occasioned by helping others grow and “giving something back”

Benefits reported by Mentees included:

  • Enhanced job perspective so that duties are understood in end-to-end context
  • Bolstered confidence and self-esteem
  • Expanded access to technical support and collegial counsel related to “soft skills” of professional behavior, diplomacy, e-mail etiquette, problem-solving, etc.
  • Increased understanding of agency culture, agency transformation, and the importance of and approaches for taking charge of their own career development.

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