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Effective Mentoring Program

This no-nonsense one-day program prepares members of your team to mentor employees. The program is powerful—wasting no time in helping you build a cadre of effective mentors.

As a result of the program, your employees will be able to:

  • Explain why mentoring is critical to business success
  • Define the difference between a mentor and a coach
  • Explain the roles and functions of the effective mentor
  • Cultivate skills required for effective mentoring
  • Delineate a “mentoring agreement”
  • Define the process and issues involved in helping mentees map their own careers
  • Apply a process for offering help to the mentee without taking control

This program consolidates two days of training into one. We are proud of the fact that our training received high marks from some particularly “tough graders”: busy petrochemical engineers who travel worldwide.